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} NEWS is big LOVE (:
neko wants to eat PUMPKIN !
4th-Jul-2020 07:02 pm - Notice (:
massu5 [neko-lovesyou@LJ]

Just in case if anyone hasnt read the profile page ...
im currently working on weekly recordings of K-chan NEWS ~
so ,feel free to get them here ^0^
sometimes ,when NEWS/Tegomass is on radio stations ,i'll do my own recordings and upload them here too...

note 1 : it would always be nice to credit if you have use/reposting them on LJ or for other uses ,especially those that i have recorded/done by myself...*just like what i have wrote at the sidebar of my LJ*

note 2 : if there's something happen and i couldnt get the recording of K-chan NEWS by myself that night ,i'll find alternative sources to share them here as well ...

note 3 : for video files ,if you want to repost/re-upload the video etc ,remember to give credits to the owner of the video (usually i'll write it at the end of my post) ...and if you are willing enough ,link back/credit here would also be greatly appreciated (;

note 4FOR RE-UPS - if you want reuploading of any files on this LJ (due to links being dead after some while), kindly drop me a message (a better way) or comment on the post itself, i'll try to reupload the files, BUT, no guarantee alright ...cause i might be busy with my RL or can't locate the file anymore or for any other reasons... in any case, i'll reply to your message/comment if the reuploading of the file is done (:

thanks for reading through ,
and finally , enjoy your stay here ! (: 

30th-Jan-2020 01:17 am - NEWS's schedule ! (TV & Radio promo)
massu6 [neko-lovesyou@LJ]
Past Schedule for NEWS in 2010Collapse )
4th July 2010 - 11:40 - 11:45
メシバナ。 (TBS) (Ryo)

8th July 2010 - 19:00 - 19:57
VS嵐 (Fuji TV) (Ryo)

8th July 2010 - 21:00 - 21:54
とんねるずのみなさんのおかげでした (Fuji Tv) (Ryo)

11th July 2010 - 11:40 - 11:45
メシバナ。 (TBS) (Ryo)

18th July 2010 - 11:40 - 11:45
メシバナ。 (TBS) (Ryo)

25th July 2010 - 11:40 - 11:45
メシバナ。 (TBS) (Ryo)

24th December 2010 - 19:00

31st December 2010 - 15:30 - 16:45
年忘れ!ジャニーズ東西歌合戦 (TV-Asahi) (Yamapi)

2nd January 2011 - 23:00 - 24:24
働きガイ大百科~いま儲かっている外食ベスト10~ (TV-Tokyo) (Keii)

14th February 2011 - 13:30 - 16:45
flowers (JFN) (Tegomass)

14th February 2011 - 19:56 - 20:54
世界まる見え!テレビ特捜部 (NTV) (Shige)

17th February 2011 - 25:21 - 25:51
FutureTracks→R (TV-Asahi) (Tegomass)

18th February 2011 - 13:00 - 16:30
よんぱち 48hours~WEEKEND MEISTER~ (Tokyo FM) (Tegomass)

18th February 2011 - 20:00 - 20:54
Music Station (TV-Asahi) (Tegomass)

11th March 2011 - 18:00 - 19:00
Shounen Club 10th Anniversary Special (NHK-BS2) (Koyama)

15th March 2011 - 17:00 - 18:00
Shounen Club 10th Anniversary Special (NHK-BShi) (Koyama)

27th March 2011 - 19:00
3年B組金八先生ファイナル~「最後の贈る言葉」4時間SP (Massu & Shige)

to be updated ..
28th March 2011
massu2 [neko-lovesyou@LJ]
koyama162.jpg picture by IvonneMcGruder_album

as everyone know ,im currently doing the recordings for K-chan NEWS every week ..
also ,im part of the k-chan NEWS subbing team ..
so , currently we are searching for new translator to join us in our subbing team ..

basically ,all you need to do is to translate every week's K-chan NEWS in english in either miscrosoft word or wordpad and sent the file to us through our mail ...
you will receive the recordings in your mail box every week after the uploadings ( MU/MF links) are done ...

ivonnemcgruder  will do the subbing and i'll do the job of recording ...
all finished projects will be posted in 

so ,join our team if you are interested in K-chan NEWS and translating ~!
simply leave a comment here and i'll get back to you asap !
hope to hear from you soon ~ ! (:

heys there !
K-chan NEWS subbing team has MOVED !
we are currently releasing our projects at je_ontheair !
you can also get updates on the projects at kcn_archive 
12th-Oct-2011 12:28 am - K-chan NEWS - 11th October 2011
massu5 [neko-lovesyou@LJ]

first K-chan NEWS after the news of NEW NEWS ...
it take me some time to cool down..but oh wells.. here is today's episode..
but i'll take this as a preview since the audio wasn't in good quality..it just lag too much >_<
i believe someone would post a better quality of the recording at news_jpop soon ~
tonight's guest is Tegomass
songs played : Mahou no Melody and Aoi Bench

K-chan NEWS - 11th October 2011Collapse )
8th-Oct-2011 04:17 am - its
massu5 [neko-lovesyou@LJ]

today is a bad day... T_T

many things happen..

& i'm still thinking...


even though its not takahisa..

but..why..why johnny san...


massu5 [neko-lovesyou@LJ]

hi there ~
to those who still visits this site, thank you so much !
to those who left, i'm so sorry about it.. :{

sorry that i have been away for such a long while because of my hectic school life & real life..
its my final year in polytechnic now, so there's alot of projects for me to clear :(
& my part-time job is taking up much the time too, but no choice, i'll got to work to feed myself ;X 
still, i'm glad there's people doing recording for K-chan NEWS over at news_jpop ^^

i'll try to come back here soon .. but i can't promise any good updates ..
because till now, i haven source for a better stream of K-chan NEWS compared to those uploaded on news_jpop..

lastly, i hope everyone is still well & healthy ~
*i'm waiting for NEWS to release new works too ~

Cath ; Neko

14th-Jun-2011 12:25 am - K-chan NEWS - 6th and 13th June 2011
massu4 [neko-lovesyou@LJ]

here is last week and today's ep of K-chan NEWS ~
sorry for the delay as i'm really busy with my school work since now that i'm in my final year of polytechnic ..

Guest for 6th June is Tegoshi
songs played : Ai ai Gasa and Fly Again
(it is laggy as usual ~)

Guest for tonight is Takahisa ~
songs played : Be Funky! and Aoi Bench
(it is laggy as usual ~)

K-chan NEWS - 6th & 13th June 2011Collapse )

24th-May-2011 02:31 am - K-chan NEWS - 23rd May 2011
massu2 [neko-lovesyou@LJ]
here is last night's K-chan NEWS ~
guest is still massu ^-^
songs played : Sayaendou ~ and Chu Chu Chu!
*note: it is laggy as usual ~*
*note: massu's mood must be really good that he went to sing live during the show ! ~ ^-^ *

K-chan NEWS - 23rd May 2011Collapse )
24th-May-2011 02:26 am - K-chan NEWS - 16th May 2011
massu1 [neko-lovesyou@LJ]
this is last week's episode..sorry about the late post.. i have been busy over with school work ~
guest is takahisa masuda ~
songs played : CHERISH and Cheetah Gorilla Orangutan
*note: still lag as usual*

K-chan NEWS - 16th May 2011Collapse )
9th-May-2011 11:53 pm - K-chan NEWS - 9th May 2011
massu4 [neko-lovesyou@LJ]
here is tonight's K-chan NEWS ~
guest is Shige ~
songs played : WEEEEK and Bokura no Sora
(*note: still abit laggy)

K-chan NEWS - 9th May 2011Collapse )
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